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Look ferocious without feeling guilty.
Animal-friendly garb for the fierce of heart.
No skin, no microplastic.

Vegetarian Viking is a woman-owned shop that holds one foot in the past wonders of wild furs and cottage industry, and one in the futuristic dreams of sustainable clothing and animal welfare. Each piece is lovingly hand-crafted of sustainably sourced wool and the curly locks of sheep raised by individual shepherds tending small flocks throughout the US. For many of the pieces, the artist, Madeline White, can even tell you the name of the sheep whose locks were used!  Selling finished pieces as well as kits, Vegetarian Viking aims to create a replacement to both animal furs and their plastic faux counterparts. Will you join our woolly revolution? 

Find us on Instagram for the most up to date pictures: @VegetarianVikingWool

Must Have Items

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